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In 2013, DB Lampman and Scott Van Campen founded Staten Island Makerspace, an incubator space for those who use their hands, head and heart to create one of a kind items. The space is located at 450 Front Street across from Urby Staten Island. The project was borne from a collaboration between Lampman, Van Campen and the New York City Economic Development Corporation with the support of local elected officials and business organizations.

Staten Island Makerspace offers members use of it’s comprehensive maker facility which includes:

Metal shop – featuring two mig welders, three tig welders, a plasma cutter, horizontal and vertical band saws, a drill press a Clausing lathe, a Bridgeport milling machine, a finger brake a 4ft slip roller, 275 lb anvil, hand tools and work tables.

Wood shop – featuring a table saw, a thickness planer, routers, a chop saw, a track saw, a drill press, a framing nailer, a finish nailer, hand tools and work tables.

Computer lab – featuring a clean room dedicated to computer technologies and robotics.

Sewing Studio – featuring a clean room for fiber arts and textiles that features sewing machines, large cutting and layout tables.

Shared Work space – featuring a large open space comfortable enough to put ideas together.

Project space – featuring a space for short-term, large-scale projects for groups and individuals for building sets, rehearsing concerts, holding meetings, building public art projects, etc. Members and non-members can rent the project space on an hourly, daily, or weekly rate.

Digital fabrication – featuring both a CNC router and a laser cutter available for rent.

Conference room – featuring a large space for meetings.

Private Studios and Work spaces – featuring two sizes of work rooms

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